CEO’s Message

  Muslim Law College is situated at 89-A Block, near HBL, Satellite Town, one of the beautiful places of Rawalpindi. MLC is a sister organization of Jinnah Muslim College of Commerce Islamabad, Jinnah Muslim Law College Islamabad, Jinnah Islamia College of Commerce Rawalpindi.

MLC provides good learning environment , academic success and quality teaching. It is a teaching institution, which puts a clear emphasis upon positively helping students to pass their examinations.

The college faculty comprises well qualified and experienced academic staff. We ensure that the quality of our teaching remains high in variety of ways including annual appraisals, the course committee system and various student feedback mechanisms. Our teaching strategies are designed to ensure that our students succeed. Our staff adopts an “Open Door” policy and there is emphasis on individual attention.

The law education being provided by this institution not only meets the present day requirements but also helps students to compete in the market. The college has rich library. The college is being run by highly experienced management and dedicated faculty members.

Suggestions of the students and parent to improve the standard and quality of education and institution are welcomed.

Chief Executive Officer :   Muhammad Nawaz Akhtar (M.Com)  0312-5265737