Principal’s Message

There are so many points and lot of things about when you start looking admission in colleges. The purpose of this publication is to help you in this regard. Muslim Law College is the institution which offers you the kind of strong professional program that’s so important for your career, in a peaceful and attractive location, at a cost that is well below than that of other such institutions of the area.

All our programs are geared to encourage students to develop self-discipline and independent judgment and to react effectively to the pressure they will have to face in future. We invite the committed candidates to pursuing well-determined goals to explore the challenge of our programs. Meeting these programs as our law graduates experience them is effective preparation of the reality, which tomorrow’s leaders will face.

I pay my special congratulations to Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Akhtar, The Chief Executive who dedicated himself in the global and competitive village of education.

Mirza Jawad Abid Baig

Distt & Session Judge (R)