Syllabus LLB 5-YEARS


LL.B Part-I

Paper Subjects Marks
I English-I 100
II Islamic Studies/Ethics 60
III Political Science-I 100
IV Sociology-I 100
V Introduction to Philosophy of Law 100
VI Brief Introduction to Arabic Language 40
Total Marks 500

LL.B Part-II

Paper Subjects Marks
I English-II 100
II Pak Studies 60
III Political Science-II 100
IV Sociology-II 100
V Introduction to Legal Systems 100
VI IT Skills 40
Total Marks 500


Paper Subjects Marks
I Islamic Jurisprudence 100
II English Jurisprudence 100
III Constitutional Law 100
IV Law of Contract 100
V Law of Tort and Easement 100
VI Criminal Law 100
Total Marks 600

LL.B Part-IV

Paper Subjects Marks
I Constitutional Law –II 100
II Equity 100
III Mercantile Law 100
IV Law of Transfer of Property 100
V Muslim Personal Law 100
VI Public International Law 100
VII Special & Local Laws 100
Total Marks 700

LL.B Part-V

Paper Subjects Marks
I Law of Civil Procedure 100
II Cr. Procedure Code and Medical Jurisprudence 100
III Law of Evidence and Ethics 100
IV Legal Drafting and Interpretation of Statues 100
V Administrative Law 100
VI Minor Act 100
VII Labour and Taxation Law 100
Total Marks 700